Management systems policy

Our vision is to be a supplier preferred in flexible package sector and a company preferred by our suppliers, our employees and human resources having the potential of working with us.

The reason of that we experience our vision in a sustainable way is that we have adopted Total Quality and Continuous Development as a life style. Accordingly, Klasbant works with employees for the production and service processes from supplier to the customer and after-sale service in accordance with the following principles:

Producing high-quality product and service at the most possible affordable price to the customer by doing our job correctly first time, using man, raw material, machine, energy, water sources efficiently in all our processes.

To implement quality, environment, food safety, occupational health and safety management systems in a way to exceed legal requirements, make them adopted by our employees with unconditional awareness by trainings and our acts.          

            To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases

In line with the environmental factors we aim, to ensure continuous development and carry out works to decrease pollution

To continue our works to increase efficiency of the package, reduce unit package consumption/waste, to develop products to use natural sources in the production process more efficiently, more.


To create environment for our employees to be environmental and society sensitive, to take active responsibility for improvement and to support them. Being the preference of employees, customers and suppliers by means of flexible package sector approaches is our main target.